Our Story

It was 2004 when Domenico Ortoleva, motivated by his youthful memories, when the wine was old-fashioned, began the process of transforming the company, and he made every effort to make it a competitive company, where the respect of production techniques and the personal control of the winemaking processes have become the daily modus operandi.
The PietraCava company located in Butera in the Chiarchiaro district in the territory of Caltanissetta, lies on the left side of the torrent Comunelli, in a hilly position compared to the latter, in an agricultural context where the climatic and morphological conditions of the land have created a terroir , in which the different vines have adapted, transferring to the first crop and to the wine after, unique aromas and flavors. The latter, accompanied by the consistency of the results, have brought the PietraCava wines to earn the common opinion of quality wines.

La Nostra Produzione

From hard work in close contact with our vineyards, we fully understand this noble peasant art so that we are able to express a production of excellent wines. The most important step in winemaking takes place on the vines. We try to exalt the best characteristics of the vines, proceed with a natural leavening and finish with the bottling limiting the decanting and filtration.